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  1. The only wings I can offer info on are Fantasy Wings and Flame Dust Wings and the mechanics of how their boosting system works. I never got around to completing my data on Flame Dust wings and I've lost all interest in this game especially after the merge. I do still have my notes though if they're of any use to you, the notes attached are all regarding the Flame Dust wings. Those are the only wings I ever got and I never managed to convince others to join me in gather data (except for VIP exclusive unit info I requested for my Mystery Island guide) so this is all I can do for you. Boosting from 0 to 1.rtf Boosting from 1 to 2.rtf Boosting from 2 to 3.rtf Boosting from 3 to 4.rtf Boosting from 4 to 5.rtf
  2. I agree, the filter as is doesn't even make sense when some more insulting words are not even filtered (and this is in ENGLISH) It filters: damn  (, ),  and #  (although this is understandable because payers can load html codes into the game if it weren't. Not sure why the game has no restrictions in that aspect instead of filtering said characters.) die jerk (no reason to filter this word. Why can't I tell someone to "stop being a jerk" as opposed to "stop being an ass") several actual curse words chicken YOU * (No idea why this is filtered, I commonly use these to let people know I'm correcting my typos) Yet it DOES NOT filter: ass whore cunt kill murder
  3. World Level 1

    "How do I achieve world level 1 for the daily event?" World level is the average of all players levels. Lets say theres 10 players with the levels of 20, 15 10 15 16 11, 9, 45, 30, and 22, the average would be 19. The world level does not go any lower than 1.   "Also, What should I trade for and what should I avoid trading for?" Generally just buy low and sell high (when goods are close to their minimum price, the word "recommended" appears across them). There are however valuable goods you will want to watch for since they can be sold for much more cash, they are: Magic Mirror (Elf City), Bloodied Robe, Seal of Eternity (Ancient Ruins), Ancient Tiara, Genuine Ancient Tiara (Nature's Altar), Ruler's Ice Crown, Genuine Ruler's Ice Crown (Ice Shrine), Diamond (Liberty Port Nightmare).   "What should I purchase in the market?" That depends on your needs. If you want to invest in Robot growth you can spend 5M cash for 1 part or 15M for 2 parts. If you want to invest in Pixie growth you can spend 1.5M cash on 1 purple spirit or 4.5M for two. Essence of Fashion and 10,000 Machine Spirits are good investments as well. Before you focus on any of though, however, I highly recommend you save up 200M cash to get the Current Capital reward and purchase the Fire ELf set as well as Fire Mirage. Try not to leave yourself with less than 10M at any given time, the less cash you have, the harder it is to make cash. "The recommended items dont seem helpful." If you mean the recommended items in the Market (items in the market are referred to as goods), it says that for any item that is close to it's minimum price. If you mean the recommended items in the Store, those are just items that are being marketed to you, and yes I agree about them not being very useful considering the amount of gold they cost.
  4. Chat window

    I have not figured out the exact cause either. What I do know it it mostly happens most after the game has been running for a long time (12+ hours) in which time the game usually starts getting laggy especially if running Treasure Hunt overnight. At this point, resizing the game in any way can (meaning not always) lead to the chat box disappearing, even something as simple as pressing ALT on Firefox which gives a drop down menu while making a minor resize to the game. Perhaps it has something to do with memory leaks or perhaps there's something in the chatbox's programming that is preventing it from taking the change properl, I do not know. What I do know is it has happened on Both Chrome and Firefox for me and from Noverox's screenshot it seems to happen with game room as well.  
  5. Chat window

    That's not it at all, The entire chat bar vanishes including that arrow. Thankfully when it happens, the guild chat bubble is unaffected.   In addition to Noverox's screenshot here is one of my own of the bug. As you can see the chat bar interphase disappeared entirely.
  6. Chat window

    It's an annoying bug that's been around for a while. Once it happens the only way to fix it is to reload the game. Entering a battle will fix it temporarily (if you need to see your chat), but, it will break again soon as you full screen again unless you reload.
  7. Finally got Flame Dust wings and have been taking note of them as I have for Fantasy. This is far as I've gotten currently. Boosting Gain Per Attempt: +1: 6-9 (meter caps at 182) [Boost succeeded at 54 with 9 feathers] +2: 7-10 (meter caps at 561) [Boost succeeded at 185 with 23 feathers] +3: 8-11 (meter caps at 1463) [Boost succeeded at 403 with 43 feathers] +4: 10-13 (meter caps at 3795) [Boost succeeded at 1123 with 100 feathers] +5: 11-14 (meter caps at 8938) [Boost succeeded at 2366 with 190 feathers] +6: 12-15 (meter caps at ??) [] +7: ??-?? (meter caps at ??) [] 
  8. Thanks, I've been wandering what that did. I gotta say though, 5,000 gold just so everyone in the guild can get 3,600,000 is not worth it.
  9. Think about it Belle... For pirates any player stronger than you can KS your pirates nonstop. In fact is was a huge problem on S13 a while back where there were quite a few bad apples who went out of their way to target specific players during pirates making sure they never got any. As for Feast all you gotta do is click the vote button at the last second to screw someone over to screw someone over regardless of your power level, you don't even have to be in the same room. This guarantees anyone sitting at a beach table only gets coke. Top players can take this a step further and attack them at the last second instead which will prevent them from getting any reward at all. It was also discussed on a previous conversation but I'll repeat it here as well. While player names are generally hidden in Robot Battle, they do show for any players that is in battle when clicked which allows players to specifically target other players. All that being said, yes, the said actions can prevent players from participating, some events worse than others.
  10. Pixie Lottery

    As Belle said, they are extremely rare. Out of the 240 million I've spent on pixies I've only gotten 3 yellow pixies. They can only be obtained from the 5th pixie when it's lit up and only at a very low chance. You're more likely to get a hundred purple pixies than 1 yellow pixie. As for the drop rare, since they're so rare and only drop from the 5th pixie it's hard to tell. If there was a way to loot only the 5th pixie it would actually be possible to calculate it's drop chance via probability calculations. I suppose it's possibly as is, but, it is far from practical since as previously stated not only does it have an extremely low drop chance, it can only be rewarded from the 5th pixie. To calculate a drop chance with this method you need ALOT of examples which is hard to provide through 2 layers of RNG.
  11. Mystery Island

    Combat NPCs   Normal Bandit Archer Ancient Robot Lord's Maid Lord's Guard   Boss Snow Queen Prince Xiaolong Ghost General   Friendly NPCs Equipment Trader Skill Master
  12. Mystery Island

        How To Play Mystery Island is a cross-server daily event that unlocks at player level 42. At 16:55 server time, the Mystery Island lobby opens up for all to join, but, the actual match doesn’t start till 17:00 at which time the “Pass the Mysterious Island” button becomes active. Once in the event you start off as a random 1 star hero with a random normal ability. The event is broken into two separate phases, Slaughterhouse and Apocalypse, both with their own timers (20 minutes for Slaughterhouse and 10 minutes for Apocalypse). The first I will talk about is the Slaughterhouse phase. During the Slaughterhouse phase players can attack npc enemies or player enemies and will respawn if killed. Each kill, player or npc, rewards you with EP (Evolution Points) and Diamonds with npcs also dropping chests. EP is used to evolve your hero into a higher star level hero while Diamonds are used to purchase Equipment and Abilities from Equipment Trader and Skill Master respectively. There are three boss monsters players can fight during this phase, but, they are pretty much impossible to kill without the aid of the red quality weapon designed to kill them. Once a player reaches 6 stars they evolve into the Apocalypse Lord and trigger the Apocalypse phase. If no player reaches 6 stars before Slaughterhouse's timer expires, a random player becomes Apocalypse Lord. During the Apocalypse phase combat npcs will stop spawning, the survival skills of all players become active (see abilities), and all players except the Apocalypse Lord will be referred to as survivors, losing their ability to attack each other and partially losing the ability to respawn, only being able to do so by paying a large sum of gold or with the aid of Energy Crystals which spawn a Resurrection Crystal for living players to click thus reviving the dead player who clicked the Energy Crystal. The Apocalypse Lord can click the Resurrection Crystal instead to destroy it and recover hp and as a result prevent the resurrection. There are three possible outcomes, the first is that at least one survivor survives till time runs out, this results in a survivors win. The second is for the survivors to team up and defeat the Apocalypse Lord which results in a win for survivors and extra Medals of Courage depending on how much damage they did to the lord. The final outcome is for the Apocalypse Lord to destroy every last survivor which results in a Apocalypse Lord win and rewards the Lord of Apocalypse player a large sum of Medals of Courage.   Remember to play honorably to keep the game fun for everyone. This means: Try to avoid killing sheep unless said sheep makes a habit of killing others who turn into sheep. Don’t camp players (stalking and killing repeatedly.) unless they're not playing honorably Try to avoid spawn killing if it can be helped. Try to avoid killing 1 star players later in the game. It’s hard enough for said players with the slow movement speed of 1 star heros and only being able to kill 1 star enemies. Add in multiple high star players killing them nonstop and they never get past 1 star. Try to avoid stealing another player's chests if the player in question does not do the same to others. Some players have a no attack policy. If you don’t attack them they usually won’t attack you. Attacking them even once, however, often results in disproportionate retribution as they’ll camp you relentlessly for the rest of the match   Star Level EP Requirements: 1 Stars: 0 2 Stars: 50 3 Stars: 100 4 Stars: 300 5 Stars: 450 6 Stars: 900   Enemy Kill Rewards: 1 Star (Bandit): 10 EP, 20 Diamonds 2 Stars (Archer): 15 EP, 30 Diamonds 3 Stars (Ancient Robot): 20 EP, 40 Diamonds 4 Stars (Lord's Maid): 25 EP, 50 Diamonds 5 Stars (Lord's Guard): 30 EP, 60 Diamonds Snow Queen: 10 EP, 500 Diamonds, Special Monster A Chest, Mail containing Gift of 1 million Dimes x2 Prince Xiaolong: 10 EP, 500 Diamonds, Special Monster B Chest, Mail containing 100 Coupons x1 Ghost General: 10 EP, 500 Diamonds, Special Monster C Chest, Mail containing 10 gold   1 star player: 20 EP (Killing any player gives you 5% of their diamonds) 2 star player: 30 EP 3 star player: 40 EP 4 star player: 50 EP 5 star player: 60 EP   EP Loss Per Death 1 star character: 10 EP 2 star character: 15 EP 3 star character: 20 EP 4 star character: 25 EP 5 star character: 30 EP   Achievements: First Blood: First person to kill another player (30 Diamond reward) Beginner's Diploma: ??? (100 EP reward) Battle of Kings: 5 player killed. Speed is reduced by 30% (50 Diamond reward) Quickest on The Draw: First player to reach 5 Stars (200 Diamond reward) Snow Queen Killer: Dealt killing blow to Snow Queen (2M Dime reward) Killer of Prince Xiaolong: Dealt killing blow to Prince Xiaolong (100 Coupon reward) Killer of the Ghost General: Dealt killing blow to Ghost General (10 gold reward)   Chest Effects: Gain 10-50 EP Lose 10-50 EP Recover 10-50% Health Lose 10-50% Health Teleport to a random location Gives sheep debuff for 10 seconds (stats severely reduced) Rare chance to gain powerful red quality equipment   Special Monster Chest Effects: Recover 99% Health Gain 200 EP Chance to gain powerful red quality equipment   Non-skill Buffs/Debuffs: Sheep Attack reduced to 1, Defense reduced to 1, and Speed reduced to 50 for 15 seconds (debuff from chests)   Blessing of God of War Speed is reduced by 30% (Debuff from Battle of Kings achievement, it’s effect is felt, but, the Speed stat does not update to reflect it. Effect is removed on death)   Inspiration Level 1: Max HP +5%, Attack +5% (cost: 10 gold) Level 2: Max HP +?%, Attack +?% (cost: 15 gold) requires level ? VIP   Blessing Level 1: EP Gain +10%, Diamond Gain +10% (cost: 5 gold) Level 2: EP Gain +20%, Diamond Gain +20% (cost: 10 gold)   Stats: 1 Stars: Fists of Judgement: Defense type, 320 Health, 36 Attack, 40 Defense, 200 Speed Blade of Silence: Attack type, 230 Health, 50 Attack, 40 Defense, 200 Speed Bard: Support type, 255 Health, 40 Attack, 40 Defense, 200 Speed   2 Stars: The Ideal Knight: Defense type, 445 Health, 50 Attack, 55 Defense, 240 Speed Tornado: Attack type, 320 Health, 70 Attack, 55 Defense, 240 Speed Sunrise Fairy: Support type, 355 Health, 55 Attack, 55 Defense, 240 Speed   3 Stars: Mechanoid: Defense type, 645 Health, 72 Attack, 80 Defense, 280 Speed Princess of Fire: Attack type, 460 Health, 100 Attack, 80 Defense, 280 Speed Royal Maid: Support type, 515 Health, 80 Attack, 80 Defense, 280 Speed War Dancer: Support type, 565 Health, 88 Attack, 80 Defense, 280 Speed (requires VIP 5+) [Info from Emma Rose] Forest Warrior: Attack type, 460 Health, 120 Attack, 80 Defense, 280 Speed (requires VIP 1+) [Info from Emma Rose]   4 Stars: Shield of Eternity: Defense type, 900 Health, 100 Attack, 112 Defense, 320 Speed Shadow of Eternity: Attack type, 650 Health, 140 Attack, 112 Defense, 320 Speed (requires VIP 1+) [Info from Emma Rose] Light of Eternity: Support type, 715 Health, 112 Attack, 112 Defense, 320 Speed Spirit of Eternity: Attack type, 680 Health, 168 Attack, 112 Defense, 320 Speed (requires VIP 1+) [Info from Emma Rose] Hermit: Attack type, 865 Health, 200 Attack, 112 Defense, 320 Speed (requires VIP 5+) [Info from oh god benny & Emma Rose]   5 Stars: Sword Prince: Defense type, 1290 Health, 144 Attack, 160 Defense, 360 Speed Baron von Hammer: Attack type, 920 Health, 200 Attack, 160 Defense, 360 Speed (requires VIP 1+) [Info from Emma Rose] Count von Banner: Support type, 1025 Health, 160 Attack, 160 Defense, 360 Speed   6 Stars: Lord of The Apocalypse: Attack type, 8000 Health, 320 Attack, 200 Defense, 420 Speed   Equipment: Weapon: Iron Sword: 15 Attack (100 Diamonds) Silver Sword: 30 Attack (200 Diamonds) ???: (no known orange quality weapon exists) Flaming Sword: 50 Attack, Attacks instantly kill Snow Queen. (rare find from chests) Murder's Arrow: 50 Attack, Attacks instantly kill Ghost General. (rare find from chests) Ceremonial Blade: 50 Attack, Attacks instantly kill Prince Xiaolong (rare find from chests)   Armor: Iron Armor: 100 Max Health (100 Diamonds) Knight's Armor: 200 Max Health (200 Diamonds) ???: (no known orange quality armor exists) Elven Cloak: 50 Max Health, recover 100 HP after every victory in battle. (rare find from chests) Bloody Breastplate: 200 Max Health, increase damage by 1% per 1% missing health. (rare find from chests)   Helmet: Iron Helmet: 8 Attack, 20 Max Health (100 Diamonds) Knight's Helmet: 15 Attack, 60 Max Health (200 Diamonds) ???: (no known orange quality helmet exists) Mask of Madness: 30 Attack, 30 Max Health, every enemy you kill gives 5% bonus attack. Caps at 100% and resets on death (rare find from chests)   Shoes: Jackboots: 20 Speed (100 Diamonds) Warrior's Greaves: 30 Speed, 30 Max Health (200 Diamonds) Boots of Hermes: 60 Speed (300 Diamonds) ???: (no known red quality shoes exist)   Change Hero Cost: 1 Star: 10 EP 2 Star: 20 EP 3 Star: 60 EP 4 Star: 90 EP 5 Star 180 EP   Abilities: (60 second cooldown for normal, 90 for survival / apocalypse)   Normal: Acceleration: Increase speed by 60% for 20 seconds. Mad Rage: Sacrifice 30% of your hp (based on max hp) to gain 80% increased attack for 3 battles. Heavy Sword: Reduces speed by 50% and increases attack by 80% for 8 seconds. Last Strength: recover 50% of the damage you receive in the next 1 battle. Healing: Instantly recover 300 HP. Invisible One: Grants invisibility for 5 seconds. Thirst For Blood: Your attacks heal you for 50% of the damage you deal for the next 1 battle. Reflection: Enemy receives 25% of all damage they inflict upon you for the next 1 battle.   Survival: Inspiration: Increases attack of all survivors by 10% for 10 seconds, stacks up to 10 for 100% increased attack. (Attack Hero Survivors) Invincibility: Makes self invisible and increases speed by 30% for 5 seconds. (Defense Hero Survivors) Survival: Increases speed of all survivors by 50% for 10 seconds. (Support Hero Survivors)   Apocalypse Lord: Pursuit: Exposes the closest player for 15 seconds.  (A compass will form around you and point towards the closest survivor)   Slaughter Point Ranking (killing players)   Rank 1: Medal of Courage +15 Rank 2: Medal of Courage +11 Rank 3: Medal of Courage +8 Rank 4-10: Medal of Courage +6 Rank 11-32: Medal of Courage +4   Damage to Apocalypse Lord Ranking (only applicable if survivors KO Apocalypse Lord)   Rank 1: Medal of Courage +10 Rank 2: Medal of Courage +7 Rank 3: Medal of Courage +5 Rank 4-10: Medal of Courage +4 Rank 11-32: Medal of Courage +2   Victory Survivors win: All survivors get Medal of Courage +2 Apocalypse Lord wins: Apocalypse Lord gets Medal of Courage +15   Info 1. Thirst For Blood is an invaluable ability and an absolute must for Lords of Apocalypse if they wish to stay alive while killing off powerful players. Reflection and Last Strength are both very helpful for anyone wanting to challenge the Lord of Apocalypse.   2. During Mysterious Island, battles are calculated the second they begin and the battle you watch is merely the aftermath of that calculation. Apocalypse Lords will never see their battles because they need to be actively hunting down players.   3. “Change hero” swaps your hero with a random hero of the same star level, you have no control over which hero you change into.   4. All monsters except bosses drop the same chests. Some values, however, such as EP gain/loss seems to be based on the star level of the monster that dropped it. Boss monsters drop larger than usual chests labeled “Special Monster (A-C) Chest” that offer effects similar to those of normal chests but only to a stronger degree and only positive effects. For example, instead of a 10-50% heal / loss, a chest dropped by Snow Queen healed 99% (891 out of 900) of my max health. Instead of a 10-50 EP gain/loss they can give a 200 EP gain. The Elven Cloak I found was obtained from a chest dropped by Ghost General, but, I’m not sure if it’s unique to boss chests or if it can drop from any chest. The Elven Cloak can drop from normal chests as well.   5. Attack modifiers such as Mad Rage or Heavy Sword only take your base attack into consideration. If for example you have 100+50 attack and use either, you will end up with 100+130 attack instead of 100+170   6. Some heros such as Baron Hammer and Hermit are VIP exclusive. Non VIPs will never get them   7. Despite each boss having a different letter assigned to the chest they drop, I have not noticed any difference between the chest contents  
  13. On an off note, some if not most descriptions are just plain wrong. In the case of War Dancer, for example, her Sacrifice to God of War ability says "Creates a shield for allies that absorbs damage for 2 turns, plus an additional 1000 damage. When the shield is destroyed or disappears, all allies' HP is restored plus an additional 1000 HP"   The formula for said ability is: (Barrier= MATK x 1.50, Heal= MATK x 0.60) which completely disregards the "additional 1000". It also fails to mention that the shield is single target while only the heal in team wide. While it's not completely vague like Siege, fact is the descriptions are really bad and need to be rewritten.
  14. I'd assume 1 vs 1 means single target attacks. I Agree with you about descriptions being too vague
  15. Life threats

    Here's the full log of what was said http://imgur.com/a/nMgJG