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  1. How to become a GM?

    Skype use is required as it is the means of contact between the GM's and the game staff.
  2. didn't get credits in trialpay

    You need to contact the game that you are supposed to get credits from. We can't help you with another game. sorry.  
  3. World Level 1

    World Level 1 is the lowest possible world level. A brand new server is world level 1. At the market you want to look for items that are closer to the minimum price than the max price. And then sell them when they are close to max. Pretty self explanatory. The recommended items are usually items close to the min price.
  4. How to become a GM?

    Skype typically. And it can take a while.
  5. This topic is getting nowhere and leading to personal comments and not substantive discussion or any information that furthers the original argument that rules are being broken. Instead of having this continue I'm choosing to close the topic. 
  6. His chart isn't for the flame dust. He said it was for fantasy.
  7. When a member of your guild spends the amount of gold listed below the chest in events in that day that chest unlocks for all guild members to get a small token.
  8. I know that you mentioned the rules and as a GM I am well aware of what those rules are and am responsible for enforcing them. Like I said, I went through your pics, looking at world chat only, and saw absolutely no discrimination of new players through intimidation, misinformation or mockery. I saw no insults or slander through misinformation. Nothing that we would classify as an action harmful to the game's development or image. No actions were taken that hinder the normal game process. There was certainly no attempts to acquire the password, account information, or personal information of any user. I also saw no discrimination based on age, religion, or other characteristics. I know that it can be frustrating when a guild is strong enough to keep you out of seats or keep you from getting pirates. This is normal gameplay though. Just based off of the screenshots you have provided there is nothing to base your claims on. I'm sorry if you feel bullied because the guild members are strong and choose to knock you and your other members out of their seats. Yes, this may not be "nice" gameplay. However the job of myself and the administration is not to enforce "nice" gameplay, but make sure that the rules are being adhered to. The information you have provided shows that these players may not be "cooperative" players, but extremely competitive. This is not, in and of itself, a violation of any rule.
  9. How to become a GM?

    Just go the the Staff Recruitment section of the forum under Administration. Just follow the steps outlined there and fill out a application and someone may be in contact with you.  
  10. What sort of rules are being broken? There is no way to keep someone from participating in Feast or Pirates. If they are strong enough to take a Pirate they can. They are limited to 10 per day. There is no rule saying they need to be shared or split up. The same goes for Feast. If someone is strong enough to fight you, beat you, and take your seat they can. Are either of these things "nice"? Not really, but they are not against the rules. I have gone through your screenshots and, as a GM on servers 4-6 and 15, I don't see anything in your screenshots that is discriminatory or damaging to the game in the world chat. I also don't see any threats or actions in the PM's that would require action be taken. For what it is worth you are more than able to use the "blacklist" option so that a person's chat can not be seen and they can not contact you via PM. PM's are not something that a GM can take action on anyway as they are not available to view independently and can be modified and not show the full situation. If I am missing something could you please be more specific as to what these players are doing that violates game rules? Specifically what actions they are taking in world chat that violate the rules you have quoted. Please understand we can not and will not police private messages except in EXTREME situations. That is why you have the blacklist option. I would be glad to look into it further, but the information you have provided is vague at best. Also keep in mind that the information you mention about a "six month ban" is not correct. There are no mandatory punishments and all punishments for actions that violate game rules are at the discretion of the Administration. 
  11. Super Refund has disappeared

    Contact using the Help tab in game. You won't receive a response to this issue on here. You must contact support directly. Understand it is the weekend and you will not receive a response until the next business day at the earliest. Thanks.  
  12. About "Guild" topic

    Go to the Guild page, click the big blue "Leave Guild" button at the bottom of the guild page. Then you can go back to the "Guild" button and select a new guild to apply to.
  13. Pixie Lottery

    It's extremely low and compounded by the fact yellows can only drop from the highest level of purchase and very rarely from there.  
  14. "Our pets" facebook event is on!

    You need to upload them to the comments section of the Facebook post for the event. The forum is not the place to post for the contest.
  15. Life threats

    Can you please let me know if this individual is still able to communicate in game? I want to make sure this is properly taken care of and isn't just a temporary measure. Thanks Emma Rose.