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  1. I think the drop rate for feathers is crazy it needs to be higher or atleast lower the price for feathers in the shop. to like 2 gold if anything I mean your spending 16$ US for your first wings, great fantastic. however if your going to charge that much for wings then make them permanent I mean to make them +7 your looking at atleast 50$+ in feathers Then depending on the wings there is a reactivation fee until they are perm That is just stupid..  and 20 gold is bare minimum, flame are 25 and robot is 100 hopefully something changes or offer better events that have higher drop rate   that my rant sigh
  2. i know hermit is the best 3 star you can get if you win him early but does 1 hermit have to cost 2500 gold I mean your paying over 100$ just for 1 card/hero.. I find that rather pointless
  3. I have a suggestion for a New permanent event that would not only benefit the paying players but also the non paying ones My suggestion is Adding a Permanent event called "Silver Stairwell" What this event would entail would be the system much like the steed where you gain stars and try to rank up but the difference in my suggestion is that you don't gain stars in fact you gain nothing but dimes and other items. here is the proposal Starting at level 65 the base of the stairway would have 10 floors each floor would consist of 1 stage totaling 50 stages in all each floor would have a series of enemies where you gain X amount of dimes for completion Then you reach The stage floor. Each Stage floor would consist of a Boss and Boss only After completing each stage players are given 1 million Dimes. dime rewards correspond to the stage completed they will also be given a chance to win gems and Runes on each Stage. Each floor and stage after would naturally get harder and the rewards would increase. but Once you get the 30th Stage VIP players have a chance to gain exclusive rewards like mount shards, hero shards, higher level gems and runes wing shards etc. Also VIP players would get the permanent end now feature from the beginning while climbing the stairwell. (this feature would be VIP Exclusive) Non VIP would get 30 end now's per day
  4. About "Guild" topic

    is it possible to change affiliation.. light to dark dark to light.. when ur guild is dead and the more active players are on the other side??