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  1. Even though you all haven't noticed I haven't been online at all recently, because of this "Lash out" situation I knew would happen when someone finally maned up to report all the crazy rules breaking, on S17. I would like to point out several things about what you stated. 1. My "Dramatic Outbursts" have always been inline with the rules and usually about people breaking in game rules. 2. My feast table clearing for no reason, has always been after the entire feast event is over. You know when no more wheel spinning is permitted and I didn't target, let alone hit a table where the winning number was. With those two alone, I have debunked that entire thing, except for the acting unkind. Need I remind many that after feast I usually apologize and even offered several people after other events, which i was cruel to in an event, that I'd help them in anyway I could. Go on ask Neoma Llama, the individual who after a bit of digging and such I learned had been targeted by a member of my guild, now a member of helix, which lead to this entire thing. I apologized for the actions of at the time, my members, and even offered to help where I could. So saying I was a cruel person, is correct, however I made more of an effort than most that are that cruel to overcome that cruelness. I also followed the rules and attempted to let everyone know about them. As for your PS, BigRob and Ginbly did target, I was no where near able to win, and yet they still unseated me. Furthermore the fact I had to take and leave the game for the reason of backlash for being an adult in this matter, which by the way is basically breaking rule 1.1.3 by making it so I had to leave the game for a while, proves the rampant rule breaking, that I have mentioned in this post and that my "Dramatic Outburst" where justified and actually in no way dramatic at all.
  2. Simply put in Feast, they remove myself and my guild members from our seats none stop, even when we are unable to get the winning seat, by voting even. I mentioned the rules from: https://www.creagames.com/gmen-rules As for the rules I stated being broken, they seem to keep it mostly out of world chat. However four days ago, when this all started because A Cloud9 member took a Helix members Pirate Treasure, Miastra Thea did stat in world chat something along the lines of good luck getting anything Cloud9. Then continuously calling myself and my guild weak, asking for my age when it's not public knowledge in game. Like i stated they tend to keep all that out of world chat, seemingly to avoid having to play by the rules. As for the time period thing according to what I read within the link, it could be a maximum of six months, I should have clarified that within the discussions, my apologize for that.
  3. On server 17, the Guild Helix has been Harassing myself and my guild. Even preventing myself and my members from partaking in certain events such as Feast of Seas and Pirate treasure. Screenshots of their leader breaking rules in PM to myself, note they are not in order.   http://imgur.com/a/F4ffL I also have screens of a PM between myself and BigRob a former Cloud9 member that joined Helix, See attachments. As you can see I tried to talk things over prior to today, and they will not leave myself and my Guild alone. PS Rules 2.3.1-2.3.5 and 2.3.14 are being broken by these people.
  4. The Light Guild Colu9 is Recruiting S.17

    Cloud9 is a Light based guild, we are looking for new players and even experienced ones. We have several things that make us a good choice for you including a Teamspeak server so you don't have to type if you don't want to. We also run the guild with an open floor policy, everyone get a say in things that go down within the guild. Plus we are planning on starting small weekly card giveaways within the guild. our current statistics at the time i am writing this are a lv11 guild almost with access to GD3. We have active helpful members, and have been through some ruff times. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope to see you in game. ~Cloud Gusta S.17 Michal Gusta S.16
  5. Cant Login...

    Just a heads up a bit more information would be nice for those that understand this and the true support. Such as are you using Facebook Gameroom or not. Because if you are I've had this issue myself, and it wasn't just for this game. but Facebook itself never gave me an answer to what was up. I just waited a while and I could get back on. However if you are just using a browser probably be helpful for CreaGames for ya to give them info on it like what version and browser you are using, and your Operating system. Not to mention Adobe flash Version would be useful, because that information can be used to help others help you.
  6. Recruitment of Game chat moderators

    1. My nickname in the game: Cloud Gusta 2. My browser MMORPG game experience: Well I have played many games, from Guild Wars to WoW, but you want to know about my Browser based MMORPG experience. I've played Runescape, which I am willing tell you my Runescape username upon request. However while I played Runescape I was friends with two Player Moderators and one Jagex staff member. Past that I tried to stay away from the lesser browser based games, but there was a small strange browser based MMORPG on a forums called zOMG. It was a less functional game and had many issues, not to mention the site closed it down almost a year later because it was not well received. 3. Main server, that you play on, and additional servers: My main server is 17, however I've played on 16 for quite some time prior to joining my main server. 4. Why do you want to be Game chat moderator: Because I have noticed a major lack of in game chat Moderation, and wish to assist in helping keep server 17's chat a safe environment for my fellow players.   5. A little info about yourself, what do you do, what do you like and etc: Well, I am a fun loving person who, although at time sometime a little eccentric, I enjoy the so far safe and fun chat we've had on server 17. Now I don't want to to seem like a dating site profile, but I enjoy writing, and Carpentry. 6. Approximate time of day in which you can monitor game chats: I am often online from 12:00 to 04:00. Sometime I happen to be online almost all day and night for a rare total 35 hours straight. 7. My nickname on Skype: Michal.Gusta 8. My Gmail address: RandallwFrost@gmail.com