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  1. young and green??

    i see now... sorry  
  2. young and green??

    sorry... Daily events?
  3. About this topic

    its ok! tx anyway! ^^
  4. About this topic

    Good Morning! I wanted to know about the new event Call to Battle ...
  5. About this topic

    Help me understand about Valuable contribution .. Please
  6. About "Complaints"

    Suggestion: You could find another way to get crystal energy beyond event Pirates! It is virtually impossible to medium or low lvl get a ... Think fondly!
  7. About this topic

    Please how the esque kill the Boss in the treasure hunt? How do I call? As it appears? What time it appears? Could explain further on this topic Boss and treasure hunt? Thank you already ... =)
  8. About "Complaints"

    suggestion: Trade in game^^
  9. About this topic

    thankssss soo much  
  10. About this topic

    How to Increase fury point? Help please
  11. Fury Point

    How to Increase fury point? Help please
  12. About this topic

    I do not understand how do I use it! I did not understand about Tittle? What's the use?
  13. Robot

    how I use?
  14. Robot

    mor about robot part please!  
  15. About this topic

    About Titlle?